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With over 25 years experience of systems manufacture the staff at VERDOS have developed an optimum product range for all sorts of requirements. In the following we present an overview of these products.
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Powder polymer dissolver unitsPowder polymer dissolver units

For the treatment of powder / granulate products VERDOS offers two different systems. TWINDOS Powder polymer dissolver units - the twin-chamber system - was developed for batch mode operation. If the polymer solution is to be fed in during online mode the three-chamber TRIDOS is the system of choice.

Apart from different polymers (such as flocculation agents) other solid materials such as bentonite or calcium hydrate can also be processed.

Fluid polymer systems

Fluid polymer systemsMost fluid polymers can not be used in the form of concentrates, so ready-to-use polymer solutions have to be made. For this purpose VERDOS has developed compact appliances which guarantee the production of super-effective, consistent polymer solutions. These are the POFS – our Polymer Online Feeding Systems for use in online mode.

For batch mode we offer you our FILDOMAT appliances. Both systems are available in different stages of automation and thus custom-built to suit your exact requirements. These treatment systems are complemented by additional dosage systems in which dilution to ready-to-use solution and distribution to different dosage points can be realised. (Please refer to our Dosage Systems.)

Filter units

Filter unitsFor the mechanical filtration of fluid media of different viscosities VERDOS filter units (in a variety of capacities and sieve mesh sizes) are the best solution.

These filtration systems are in-house productions and - depending on your specifications – can be designed as single filter, bypass filter or double filter units. In special cases the units can be fitted with an automatic backflush system.

ASA Treatment

ASA TreatmentFor special applications in ASA paper sizing, VERDOS FILSIZE Feeders are best suited to prepare super-effective emulsions. The process realised by VERDOS guarantees ASA distribution down to the finest µ specification.

For this purpose VERDOS offers two different treatment systems: depending on requirements emulsions can be produced in either ASA/Starch or ASA/Polymer combinations.

Dosage systems

Dosage systemsSpecifications for dosage systems can vary widely – at VERDOS we offer you a wide range of products to suit all your requirements. Our range of products includes systems for dosage, dilution and distribution to different points of dosage, entire storage and dosing stations, mother/daughter container stations for all typically used chemicals, biocide dosage, dosage systems for water treatment in facility-internal process water and waste water.

To complete our range of products and services we deliver a variety of containers, agitators and single/double-walled dosage hosepipes.

Water treatment

Water treatmentWater and waste treatment have their own special requirements, so we at VERDOS offer optimum ready-to-go concepts. Individual process modules can be selected and assembled to build an entire treatment system.

All typical processes such as flocculation, precipitation, sedimentation and filtration including membrane filtration can be combined to form a universal system to deal with all your requirements.

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