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Complete Solutions

Complete SolutionsFor comprehensive solutions to problems in filtration and dosage technology VERDOS offer ready-to-go appliances as well as modular systems that can be integrated into existing technology.

The components required (pumps, metering devices, materials, control technology etc) can be selected to suit your requirements profile. Our technology is state-of-the-art. The individual systems are designed to fit seamlessly into existing plant technology thus reducing costs significantly in areas such as:

  • The paper industry (Retention agent dosage, water treatment …)
  • Municipal sewage works (sludge treatment, pH-value control …)
  • Drinking-water supply (chlorine dosage, pH-value control with milk of lime …)
  • Industrial waste water (treatment and recirculation)
  • Process water (monitoring and stabilisation)

Dosage systems

Dosage systemsTo catalyse treatment processes various chemicals need to be added to the water. VERDOS provide custom-built storage and dosage systems for every type of application. These systems can also cope with chemicals that are flammable or hazardous to water. VERDOS appliances are so powerful because they guarantee high-precision dosage, high-quality materials and automatic dosage control. Every system can be equipped with a storage tank, dosage pumps, metering and overall plant control technology.

The materials used to build the systems are selected to accommodate the customer's requirements. At VERDOS we use stainless steel and a variety of synthetic materials.

Electronic plant control

Electronic plant controlMonitoring and controlling all the essential operation parameters is realised using PLC software. This guarantees a high degree of operational safety and makes the devices easy to use.

VERDOS provides all plant controls and software programming. If required, customer-specific process visualisation and online monitoring via modem is also available.

The entire electrical installation is realised to UVV/VDE specification. We use high-quality components from well-known manufacturers exclusively.

Your advantage

  • Compact design
  • Application-specific process technology
  • Highest-quality component materials
  • Automatic monitoring and control
  • Automatic analysis systems
  • Simple operation and maintenance

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Our service includes consulting, project conception, realization, commissioning, full-service and financing!

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