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TRIDOS - Powder polymer systems for online mode

TRIDOS - Powder polymer systems for online mode

TRIDOS - a triple-chamber system - is a compact automatic dissolver device for online mode super-effective polymer solution production. This is where polymers in powder form (e.g. flocculation agents) are dissolved. The container geometry guarantees a practical polymer maturation time of 60 minutes during online operation.

Using a dry-polymer dosing device the required amount of polymer is fed into In the charge chamber. A special wetting process guarantees complete particle wetting of the polymer, which is then fed into the draught tubes of the agitator system. On reaching optimum mixing level it then overflows into the maturing chamber, where it is gently homogenised. It then overflows into the maturity chamber. At the end of the preparation and maturation procedure the polymer solution can now be injected into the process directly without the need for an intermediate storage tank.

System control is realised via PLC. A membrane-keyboard control panel is deployed to set the required volumes of solution water and polymer. Precise water input control is realised using a PID software controller. This guarantees the production of consistent solutions.

The TRIDOS appliance can be built to a variety of specifications. Of course we can also provide solutions to meet your special requirements.

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