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Water Treatment


EffluentVERDOS water treatment units are the best possible solution for ensuring the highest quality and operational safety when adhering to legal tolerances for direct and indirect discharge processes. We offer complete answers to problems by assembling individual modular units to form complete water treatment systems. All typical processes such as flocculation, precipitation, sedimentation and filtration and membrane filtration can be combined. Individual process stages are optimally balanced to ensure economic treatment of effluent. VERDOS appliances reduce effluent treatment costs through reclaiming re-usable water from process water.

Overall system control (all parameters) is achieved using programmable logic control (PLC) thus ensuring economic operation. VERDOS provides complete realisation of system control including software development. Process visualisation and online-control via modem can also be provided if required:

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Cooling water

Cooling waterVERDOS manufactures dosing systems for the best possible cooling-water treatment. Minimal cooling-water consumption, protection against corrosion and deposit prevention and biological growth are always at the forefront of ongoing research and development.
Dosing and measuring technology can either be an in-house installation or built ready-to-use to be installed in heated containers for outside operation. For the optimum operation of a cooling circulation it is essential to monitor temperature, pH value and conductivity. The custom-built appliances are automatic control and dosing systems for cooling systems.
The measuring water sample is examined for pH value and conductivity. Specific system parameters are registered and processed by the PLC control unit.

The dosing systems are delivered ready-to-use and includes a switching and control cabinet built and tested to VDE/UVV specification.

For further information please refer to our data sheets

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